Community Outreach and Corporate Giving

As part of the Mission and Core Values for ACS Group and our operating brands, we emphasize that we will be an involved member of the communities in which we serve. While this can mean many things, we support and promote this initiative in a way that makes the health of our surroundings stronger and more vibrant. We, along with our clients, accomplish this by being involved in a number of initiatives designed to make our communities a better place.

ACS Group strongly believes in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Through the ACS Foundation, our employees enthusiastically work to support communities where we can make a difference. Our initiatives run locally, nationally, and globally:

Education and Empowerment for Women

Prepare young women for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM)

Human Welfare

Helping underprivileged yet deserving children, the elderly, and those with disabilities with everything from education to basic needs

Environmental Protection

Ways to reduce our impact on the environment

Healthy Lifestyles

Focus on and encourage health and wellness initiatives

Teen Girls in Technology Scholarships Recipients Recognized

American CyberSystems (ACS Group) announced the recipients of YWCA of Greater Atlanta’s Teen Girls in Technology (TGI Tech) scholarships on July 31, 2019.

Since 2006, ACS Group has been instrumental in the TGI Tech Program in cooperation with the YWCA of Greater Atlanta. The goal is to empower girls by fostering their interests, breaking barriers, and increasing confidence in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-related fields. Working with young women (ages 12-18) from underserved populations, ACS Group provides professional mentors, tutors, and role models. They are then given the opportunity to explore the STEM fields and the chance to receive college scholarships.

To date, ACS Group has provided more than $80K worth of scholarships and technology to deserving girls, helping them to secure a brighter future, and in some cases, becoming the first in their families to attend college.

We have organized trips to the Kennedy Space Center and allowed the girls interact with astronauts over lunch. The program began with 50 girls and now benefits more than 650 girls in the program today.

Partner Testimonial

"Thank you, ACS Group, for being dedicated and committed to the young women of TGI Tech!"

-Judy Brown Fears, Manager – YWCA TGI Tech Program

CEO Speak

"ACS Group provides leading-edge information technology solutions and understands how very important it is to foster IT careers for girls today so we can fill the pipeline with skilled professionals for the future. These same students may one day be ACS Group consultants working at Fortune 1000 companies here in Atlanta."

-Raj Sardana, CEO and Chairman, ACS Group

ACS Group has a longstanding association with the Feeding America campaign which ensures that the needy and underprivileged get the nutritional food they need. ACS Group annually collects and delivers canned goods to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Our associates volunteer to sort and box food to be distributed to various organizations across the U.S. to feed many families, not just the homeless. This food also goes to working-class people who may have fallen on hard times or simply can't make ends meet.

JRF is a remarkable organization that has changed the lives of thousands by providing scholarships and support for low-income women (age 35+) to build better lives through college completion.

ACS Group encourages its associates to participate in local sponsor-a-child programs aimed at providing those from lower income families with much-needed educational tutoring and basic needs.

  • The Annual United Health Group Charity Golf Tournament - This is a fundraising initiative for charitable organizations involved with community outreach and sustainable development.
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